Who Am I as a Senior High School Student?

Who Am I as a Senior High School Student?

Being a student means many things like having the ability to overcome the typical obstacles a student would encounter, the ability to deal with terror teachers, the ability to do well to graduate, and many more. I strongly believe that if you can overcome these hardships then you will be a dominant student and might as well become a professional in the near future.

One main thing that defines a student is if they struggle in school. Many students have problems when it comes to paying attention in class. This defines a student because it shows they are not going to grasp the material or information being presented to them. Many students including me in the old days wait until the last minute to do the assignments that are being presented to them. This causes the student to rush through his or her work and come up short of his or her true potential. Another major factor that defines a student is their social life. Many students let their social life become a hindrance in the way of their school works; this can have drastic effects on their grades.

I strongly believe that these are some of the factors that greatly define a student. These factors lead me to come up with the question "Who am I as a Senior High School Student?". To answer that question, let me first introduce myself. I am Phoenix Eve Catarong Aspacio, 16 yrs old, and I can proudly shout to the world that I am a "True Blue and Ever Loyal" alumnus. My favorite subjects include English, Science, and Computer Related Subjects. Most of my friends can argue that I am good in "things about computers". While those who used to oppose my doings live their life into a fixed mindset: "He wasn't good enough." or say "He's just nothing but a trying hard speck of dust.". But I don't mind them, though I sometimes think they are just telling the truth.

Going back into the topic. I can say that I am a responsible and a hardworking student. Moreover, being an autodidact. I may don't have hundreds of friends, but I have real ones. I enjoy my time at school: it is realy nice to study and the students are very friendly. I like to receive and deal with challenging tasks. I like to help students whenever they need me.

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