Only Fools Die

Life has not been perfect for me and never will it be. And what the hell, was it ever perfect and whose life was ever perfect, anyway?

Only Fools Die
Finally I accepted that I was not a magician anymore. But what the hell. I was still alive and that's more I could say for my brother, Artie, or Janelle or Osano. And Cully and Malomar and poor Jordan. I understood Jordan now. It was very simple. Life is too much for him. But not for me. Only fools die.
- Mario Puzo "Fools Die"

Beginning today I will fly. I will soar free. Sounds corny, right? But that's what I'm gonna do and don't care if you believe or not.

Life has not been perfect for me and never will it be. And what the hell, was it ever perfect and whose life was ever perfect, anyway? It may even be damn ugly and pathetically crazy. It is full of pain. Sorrow is everywhere you look. Even in the faces of small, innocent children. It's a crazy world and it has never been an easy place to live in. Not only for me but also certainly for a lot of people I know.

But beginning today, I refuse to let that crazy imperfection of this crazy little world hinder me. I will not allow it to shackle down to earth for I choose to fly and fly I will.

How? Simple. Beginning today, I will learn to accept life. I will choose to delight even in pain, to enjoy even the saddest sadness. I want to feel the suffering in loving, to be joyous in rejection. Those I will learn, as well as celebrating the pain of losing somebody I love. For that is also a part of life. Cruel and bitterly sad, sometimes, but that's life for you, Charlie Brown.

But above everything that I wish to do is that I will be happy in the gloom of dusk and to dance in delight under the pouring rain. To swim in the deep blue ocean of love and affection. To enjoy every single drop from my cup of tea. And yes, of course, to drink coffee all my life.

For that is life as I see it and life as I will accept it. Pain, separation, debts, rejection, worry, hunger, sadness, and so on and so forth. The list goes on and on forever. Even death is a part of life. The death of a loved one, the death of a belief, of relationships, of beautiful flowers, of a faithful dog, the demise of a wonderful friend. Sad but they are all a part of life. But let us not forget love, joy, sunsets, sunrises, good food, cappuccino, tea, flowers, bonsai and of course, who would forget beautiful women with their beautiful bodies. The kisses of a mother, the tongue of a lover. Third base. 😊

Yes, the list goes on and on. And let us again be reminded that it's not only a list of good things. It is also a list of the bad for all of them are of life. Including lousy movies like Mission Impossible. And let us not forget crossword puzzles and bacon and this stinky city we live in. But let's forget about the garbage and the saturdays when we get no electricity from our AC sockets.

There you have it. Life. At its best and at its worst. Either you take it or you will live with it.

Me? I will take it and I will live forever. Only fools die.