I know you've been suffering from cancer more than anyone can perceive and I also know that you've been a fighter ever since. Fighter as steel, you have tried to live your life as if cancer was just a needle prick. When in fact you have underwent a multiple series of unbearable treatment with unthinkable side-effects. As strong as you are, you have dedicated your life to God for the sake of your family; Indeed you are a family oriented person. And, I am very very very very much grateful for that since I have been with you most of the time within the last 4 years. But then suddenly when I am about to finish my 12th grade YOU HAVE LEFT. Too sad that I won't be seeing anymore the person whose name and phone number is imprinted at the back of my school ID in case of emergency. Too sad that you can't be with me on the day of my graduation day. And, too sad that you will never see my report card. You have been like a father mother to me and it's breaking my heart whenever I realize that today is the last day of your life. Though you have been mostly unresponsive when I went to see and talk to you at the hospital just before you passed away, I know deep inside that you wanted to say something with those incomprehensible sounds. Whatever it is, I'm sure it is something that I should keep in my heart.

And sorry because I sometimes make you feel unloved. Though you're gone, I know this is not the last. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

RIP Ella Lyn A. Carabio