Death—At some point of all these days, were all gonna die. It may not happen now, but it can happen tomorrow, maybe a week after, or maybe years beyond. And after all these time, we'll be back into the dust we are. As was previously known, from ashes we rose; to ashes we'll return. Through chances it all started and through changes we are born then surely through certainty we'll also end. Even the sun has it's death, so are we mere people who are living after it. So, one thing is for sure: Death is the purpose of life. We live only to die; We love only to die; We do things only to die. Indeed to die is the life's purpose and nobody can change that.

With these facts in mind, these questions were born:
if we live to just die, then what is the purpose of life? how does being alive benefit us from what we are 13.8 billion years ago? isn't it better to just become an inanimate rock than to become something that can move and feel pain? if life means pain, problems, and sufferings, would you still prefer being born at all?