Being a student is not an easy task to do. Yet despite the hardships in the past few years, I have never felt sad nor do I care to be distressed about my personal and non-personal problems. All because of these dear people, whom I call my family.

They are my family not on the grounds that we are bound by something as unintentional as blood, but because of something substantially more grounded called choice.

All those stuffs that we used to do every power outages, the travels, the swimming, the sleepovers, the picnics and food trips... you've extroverted me. I just wish everything was not over...

Insofar as the memory of these dear people lives in my heart, I will never stop believing that life is indeed worth living.

Thank you!


Pretty Boys Moments

Clark Ivan Caidic Taguran
Keith Joshua Segovia Saile
Enrique Tomedo Fresco II
Phoenix Eve Catarong Aspacio
Ralph Reymar Lajato Desquitado