Do you have a Spotify Premium account but can't download all your saved songs to your laptop for offline listening because you can't find the legendary "DOWNLOAD BUTTON"?

Spotify Desktop
Download Button

Step 1 — Connect to Internet

Connect to the Internet.

Step 2 — Open Spotify

Open the Spotify Desktop application.

Step 3 — Select Songs

Select the songs that you want to for offline listening. To select all, press Ctrl+A in Windows or Command+A in Mac:

Select All Songs

Step 4 — Add Songs to Playlist

Right-click all selected songs and add it in an existing playlist or in a new playlist:

Creat New Playlist

Step 5 - Select the Playlist

In the left-side panel, click on the playlist where you added the songs:

Select Playlist

Step 6 — Download Songs

Scroll-to the top of the selected playlist. Find and click the Download button:


Now, all you have to do is wait until the download is complete and listen to your saved Spotify songs in your laptop even without internet.

Have a nice day!