I never in a million years thought I would do this but what the heck, I don’t have anything left to do. I just thought I’d let you know a few things in this month of February, so here goes. I like you…I may even love you. I know you, and you know me, but we haven't been talking that much lately and I really hate it. It's not that I'm avoiding you because I hate you, but I just can't bear the mixed-feeling that drives me crazy every single time I'm seeing you.

You’re mysterious, and I love it because I’m yet to figure you out. We would be good together if not as a pair, then for sure as friends. It's not that I'm expecting something, but this feeling's gotta come out.

You probably know that I liked you, because of how I act when I'm with you. But you probably don’t know I still do, and if you do…I hope you’re not making fun of me…(the saddest part for me is my fear to publish this letter for fear you’ll actually read it). Let it be for the name of love in this month of love, but always remember I have loved you, I love you, and I will always love you. Just so you know, you are the most beautiful girl that I have ever come across with.

Love me?..Or not
I’ll understand, but I hope you will too.